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The HTC technical team is a JOKE (Vive pro 2 vertical lines) you should read !

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Hello, and I hope you all doing well because I'm not.

So I sent my htc vive pro 2 back to htc technical team because of the audio buzz and vertical lines issues on the left panel and I got (No issues found nothing has been done to the headset.)

I got my reseller to send it to them at first htc said repaired and now when I asked for an intervention plan htc said no repair has been done ? What the hell ?... 

I've never been so furious. Sorry HTC but this needs to be addressed on youtube.

For the lucky who got a perfectly working unit still think about the kind of quality of technical service you gonna get.

I'm sorry for me and for all vive pro 2 owners who might have panel issues in the future.

The technical team should be ashamed, it seems that they only looked inside the headset quick and say "yup working, next".

I'm done.


Something really wrong is going on right now...

I have no choice but to refund when I'm getting it back.

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  • GAMEDRIXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX changed the title to The HTC technical team is a JOKE (Vive pro 2 vertical lines) you should read !

Let see how mine goes..

its already for 3 weeks back to htc for the same problems(vertical scanlines)

When i get the unit back i will report it here..

If they didnt fix anything then i would be raging mad...

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  • 2 weeks later...

I've had audio buzzing, lots of people have.

Not had vertical lines, but I did have the green/red lines on display, but that went away. Again, a fair few people reported this too.

I then started getting ghosting images in the left eye along with horizontal black lines, but that went away. I had a ticket open and was ready to send it back to HTC, but it fixed itself. The ticket remains open. I told them I wont send it now because when it gets to the technician they will say nothing is wrong with it.

The only issue I get right now - buzzing audio and every single VR session, I will get a black screen where it turns off after about 2 minutes of use, the comes back on again after 5 seconds.  I made a post on here about it.

Some definite quality control issues. Next time something happens, if visual then I`ll do my best to take a photo. These are what I took a couple of months ago when I got the headset, but the horizontal black lines, I've not taken a photo of yet (which appeared only in the left eye).



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After a chat with htc support they told me to send the unit back for rma,so i did.

Now I got the vive pro back today after 4 weeks of rma.. With the message no issues found!!!!

What a terrible company sorry.... So they did send it back with the terrible scanlines!!!!!

NEVER a HTC product again unbelievable this...i am gonne post this on reddit too.... Unbelievable htc!!!

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