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Using beta testing with Focus 3


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Hi all,

Does Focus 3 currently support beta testing? It looks like beta build submission is only available when I select VIVEPORT Store (One-Time Purchase) for opt-in program, but this will set the distribution channel of the app as Home instead of Enterprise.

After some troubleshooting, I just can't get our beta app to show up in the Focus 3 store.

I'm guessing Focus 3 doesn't support beta testing yet?

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@nanome - Your correct. Beta submissions aren't presently supported on VBAS due in part to the ongoing lockdown in Taiwan which crunched the F3 release last minute.

You can theoretically check your DRM integration by publishing a beta via the devcon under One-Time, and then going into your library on the device while signed into the account that you're publishing the beta under. Using the "beta list" won't work - it has to be the account publishing the beta. Some devs have had success with this.

Is it just the DRM you're attempting to test or are you attempting to test other features as well?

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