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Pixel column banding

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HTC please respond,is this issue fixable,i didnt had this initially but now i have it on my vive pro 2 looks like this https://imgur.com/Q329F0j with any movement,its soo bad and noticeable pulls you right out of any atempt at immersion,looks worse than original vive yet when you stand still looks perfect again,is this a hardware issue?software?should we return our headsets?this is the most common issue i see on this forum yet absolutely no response from you,when you pay 800 euros for a premium 5K headset and i get a headset that turns into one from 2015 with any movement its unadmissible how did this even get past testing and inspection ?

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Still no reply from htc? We need  we need a column correction software fix like on index..

This pixel inversion is terrible on the vive pro 2

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