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We're trying to use Hand Tracking on the Vive Pro 2 in unreal, we have it working with a normal Vive, but it gives the error in the logs:

LogVHTEngine: Error: Start camera failed, retrying...
LogViveHandTrackingComponent: Error: VHTEngine  start failed: Camera

The cameras are working correctly as they work when tested in SteamVR.

According to the Aristo log its trying to start a Cosmos camera (which fails cause we're not using a cosmos), so it hangs for a while looping through looking for the camera:

Start Cosmos high resolution camera error: NoCameraDevice
Start Cosmos camera error: NoCameraDevice

It then loops through NoCameraDevice a bunch, before giving up.

I've attached the log, I'm assuming this is because the Vive Pro 2 is new and isn't supported yet, wondering when support would be added for this, and if there's a possible work around for now?




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Hi @Zeploc

Thanks for the report. This is a known issue for 0.10.0 release. We plan to release v1.0 by the end of this month, which should solve this problem.

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Awesome thanks @zzy for the heads up!

This is an alternative to attaching a Leap Motion Controller onto the front of the headset with an extra cable, so looking forward to being able to use this!

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