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Problems with the new HTC vive pro 2 regarding tracking

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I have recently purchased a htc vive pro 2, which i have had issues with from start,

Basically what is happening is that when it starts (sometimes and i have laying beside) it will render inside the eyes of the headset and i will see steam home, 

but as soon i take it on it goes white screen (not being tracked)

and it will start to blink saying it's not close enough to tracker, however i tried taking em down from wallmounts aswell as on wallmounts having it up closeby to them does not help a single bit.

I first tested it with my 1.0 equipment from previous htc vive(Original), but due to having exactly same issues with that equipment, i went and upgraded everything to now 2.0 having put up another 1000$ worth of new equipment new handcontrols and basestations)

 My first install said that my computer would not be up for it, but with provided specs, i think you will see that is probably not the issues)


Processor    AMD Ryzen 9 5950X 16-Core Processor, 3400 Mhz, 16 core
Ram: G.skill ripjaw 128gb ddr4 3600mhz
Graphicscard: Asus Geforce 3090 strix Oc
Motherboard: MSI MAG x570 Tomahawk wifi series
Harddrives: SSD:S 1tb +

I ran the original vive without any of these issues so im not sure what to do, i have tried the steam selfhelp guides aswell alot of what is provided from these forums, unplug, replug, reinstall usb drivers etc.

Today i have even reinstalled the computer from scratch just try making it work.

So i would kindly appreciate any help please.


Best regards
J. D





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First off, your PC surely is fine for VR.

but one thing doesn't seem logical to me now, coz your OG Vive shouldn't be okay with BS2.0 as they aren't compatible with each other. 

If this is a about tracking issues, upload one SteamVR system report will help

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Hey, i actually now know what the issue is after some more testing, the reason is the cable between linkbox and the headset which is at fault cause as soon i started to tie it together a bit i suddenly had clear view constant until i loosened the cable. 
So in terms of solving it for anyone else that will have this issue finding this is to try tie the cable together a bit, and see if you have a faulty cable, by estimate of mine test atleast it is not the connectors at end that is at issue rather the length of the cable or if it's just faulty by default, i tied it up so atleast now it does not feel like i bought trash thankfully knowing it's just cable and not the whole headset.


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