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Summary of the problems so far

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I am a German YouTuber (youtube.newVR.tech) and I found during my testing some problems with my Vive Pro 2. I'd like to list them here as well:

Multi-monitor support is limited

With every other HMD, I can use three monitors + an HMD. With the Vive Pro 2 I can only use 2 monitors + the Vive Pro 2.

Binocular Overlap

Important Note: This problem differs from user to user.

Beside the Pimax 8KX and the Pimax 5K Super this is the third vr headset where I have problems with it Binocular Overlap. It's nice to achieve a wide FOV, but please not while reducing the Binocular Overlap. I have zero problems with that and have a max. FOV with the Vive Cosmos, Rift S, Quest 1, Quest 2, PlayStation VR, Valve Index and HP Reverb G2.

Resolutions in SteamVR

In my livestream (https://youtu.be/7G4E9CtsS1g?t=6804) I noticed that the resolution that is set in the HTC Vive console does not differ comprehensibly from the resolution in SteamVR.

For me it was the case that the point at which the resolution "locks" in SteamVR was 150%. It doesn't make any sense, but at least a little frame buffer and barrel distortion correction is inclued "by default".

But: The resolution that "arrives" in SteamVR differs not only from the settings that I set in the HTC Vive console, but also from the graphics card used! I describe this in a video where I evaluate the collected data for resolution.

It is also noticeable that "Extreme" has a lower resolution in SteamVR than "Ultra". If I buy VR headsets that advertise 2448x2448 pixels and 120 Hz, then I expect that I will get the same resolution at 120 Hz as at 90 Hz. Regardless of whether my PC reaches these values.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BpKT-8MlQLk

Static Noise in the speakers

Is HTC aware of this issue? What fix can there be? Product recall or software fix?

Frame rate is often limited to half

As if motion smoothing was on! For example, if you play at "Extreme", but the computer only manages 98 fps, the frame rate is halved and limited to 60 fps (analogous to this, the same phenomenon at 90 Hz with 90/45 fps). If you reach between 100-120 fps, then these are also displayed. Another indication of this is the display in fpsVR: 100% reprojection ratio is sometimes displayed there. Even it's a feature like Oculus' ATW, it needs a toggle.

Recently also for Vive Cosmos users who use the latest version of the Vive console.

Jittering / stuttering

Whether in the game or in the SteamVR dashboard: Many users, including me, notice jittering / stuttering. If you move your head left and right, you can see the stutters. It almost looks like motion smoothing, but only almost. There are no sparkles or artifacts whatsoever, but there is stutter. Disabling the GPU scheduling did not work for me as it was already off.

Image brightness is variable

Personally, I noticed that the image brightness adapts variably. For example, when I see bright elements on the screen, for example when I open the desktop in the SteamVR dashboard and go to www.google.de, the image is very bright. When I look down, however, but at the same time a piece of the Google website is still visible, I notice the entire screen goes dark. The best way to see it again is to quickly look up at the Google website. This is initially darker, then it becomes completely light again. I have already noticed the phenomenon in games.

No wonder that HTC achieves good black levels when they darken the screen. Unfortunately, however, there are no dimming zones, so that lighter areas suffer and this is noticeable as a user. This "function" should be able to be switched off!


Tell me about your experience!


Kind Regards,


new VR tech

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I also have the static noise in the speakers and it's so annoying when everything is quiet.
If you look at brighter scenes, the noise becomes more noticeable and you can't really ignore it.

It doesn't even matter if you disable the audio device or even unplug the USB cable, you can still hear it coming from the earphones.
Also, if you switch from 90Hz to 120Hz, the noise sounds a bit different (but never fixes it).


Honestly, if this can't be fixed I'd rather go back to the OG Vive with the Deluxe Audio and return this.

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Posted (edited)

I don't have the static noise.  But here is a copy and paste by me in a forum I frequent.. including a youtube video I put up demonstrating the resolution fiasco.  Before that.. HTC.. can you guys just build hardware and let the software moguls make it work like you did with the OG Vive?  Valve is why you have a foothold in this business.   Also.. I see no difference between motion compensation on and off.   And I'm hard pressed to believe it's performing better than Valve's motion smoothing.   Now that you mention framerate is limited by half.. I'm unsure if this is motion compensation or just another bug.  Whatever the case, it's one more thing making trying to optimize my favorite VR titles a very difficult task.  


"I'm absolutely convinced there are software issues that aren't worked out.   I just recorded a 10 minute video of my desktop.  Sorry I wanted to keep it much shorter but.. I think you'll see why it took me so long and will be a good illustration of why Vive Console is a step I don't understand the reasoning for, especially when it has this many issues out of the gate.   I'll edit this post with a link to the video after it's done processing.   


I'm back to showing a different resolution in SteamVR everytime I restart despite being set to custom setting, also.. when I change resolution in Vive Console to say the lowest setting which should be 1224x1224 per eye SteamVR is reporting resoltion of 2108x2108.   I mean.. steamvr SS setting has never matched exactly with the screen's resolution of any headset.. but 2108x2108 is a pretty giant leap from 1224x1224.   


I'm going to try steamvr beta again and see if anything changes.. 


If it's not at a high enough definition - check back later.. Sorry I wasn't about to put the effort of a script and video editing into this, so forgive me for tripping over my words a little bit. 




*Edit* No difference in steamVR beta.   Different resolution every time I start SteamVR despite no change to my settings in Vive console.   I'm not sure anything is actually being rendered at the resolution SteamVR states.. but if by chance it is actually changing all the time like that, people are going to have a hard time getting consistent performance between VR sessions unless this is isolated to just me.  


I'm going to present this in the HTC forums.  "

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8 hours ago, Nunyagoshdarnbidness said:


"*Bearbeiten* Kein Unterschied in der SteamVR-Beta. Jedes Mal, wenn ich SteamVR starte, unterschiedliche Auflösung, obwohl meine Einstellungen in der Vive-Konsole nicht geändert wurden. Ich bin mir nicht sicher, ob tatsächlich etwas mit der Auflösung gerendert wird, die SteamVR anzeigt. Aber wenn es sich zufällig ständig so ändert, wird es den Leuten schwer fallen, zwischen den VR-Sitzungen eine konsistente Leistung zu erzielen, es sei denn, dies ist isoliert nur ich.  


Ich werde dies in den HTC-Foren präsentieren. "

yes it's really very annoying that you never have the same resolution. 

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