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Please give us an option to turn off the automatic brightness in the vive pro 2,and maybe also to turn off the Display Stream Compression (DSC)And let us chose our own resolution!

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Hello there,

Please give us an option to turn off the automatic brightness in the vive pro 2,and  also to turn off the Display Stream Compression (DSC)And let us chose our own resolution!

The picture can be sharper i know that for sure..

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Yes we should be allowed to adjust the brightness manually. I'm wondering if the lack of brightness adjustment is intentional or if they just haven't implemented the feature. Should be a very basic one. Used to being able to adjust brightness of my Index in steamvr dashboard. If they won't allow that at least let us adjust the brightness in vive console?

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Posted (edited)

Hi all.

Just got the Vive Pro 2. I have been using Vive Pro for a couple of years now. and I have to say that my first impression was the huge difference in the blacks. In the pro 2 the blacks are very gray. In a scene in Half Life Alyx, in an area where it is supposed to be dark, this new gray brightness is so strong and annoying in comparison with Vive Pro that I now have second doubts about my new purchase. 

I have been searching everywhere to find some kind of brightness settings but I cannot see it anywhere. SteamVR shows Night Mode control for Vive Pro, which at least something. But when I switch to Vive Pro 2, even this Night Mode settings disappears. 

I even tried to edit some files like c:\ProgramData\HTC\ViveSoftware\ViveVRRuntime\htcvr.vrsettings, but my custom setting for contrast gets overwritten immediately after I start SteamVR.  This is the settings I used :

   "driver_fog" : {
      "EnableCRLog" : 0,
      "EnableHmdLog" : 0
   "driver_lighthouse" : {
      "deactivateStandbyOverride" : 2
   "htcvr" : {
      "DisplayResolutionAuto" : false,
      "DisplayResolutionMode" : 4,
      "preferFrameRate" : 120
      "Contrast" : 0.1,
      "Saturation" : 1

It is as if they are systematically trying to avoid this. I now understand that the cause of this massive change is because they are using LCD as opposed OLED. I would have to say based on what I see this is more like a down-grade than an up-grade (or may be a side-grade). The resolution of Vive Pro 2 is much better and the screen door effect of the Vive Pro is gone. So loving this part of it.  But I am agonising over whether I should return the Pro 2 and stick with the good old Vive Pro with beautiful deep blacks, or just accept this gray-is-black feature and then enjoy the high res. And my eyes hurt after I used the Vive Pro as if someone has been shining a bit too much light into my eyes. I got this snow effect afterwards when I took it off as if everything is a little white.

I just wonder could they really not do the resolution upgrade with an OLED. Is such resolution and a switch from 90Hz to 120 hz not possible with OLED. May be someone informed can shed light, but I for one, as a customer and a fan of Vive, am rather disappointed with this new design choice. If I had a choice between Pro 2 and something else with the same Vive Pro OLED style black, I would buy it instantly!

Hope some vive pro engineers look into this. Thanks.

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I noticed the automatic dimming yesterday and thought it was odd! I looked up and down and noticed the display actually adjusted itself. That really hinders me in games with dark scenes.

Are you also having issues with clarity? It's like there is a plastic film on the lenses, it looks that bad. I actually checked a few times just to be sure there isn't any on the lenses.


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