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Support Request - VIVE PRO 2 Reprojection/Frame Timings

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Has anyone encountered this at all....

In Elite Dangerous I get these pink lines in SteamVRs frame timing graph which I think indicates an error. It looks like it is erroring every other frame. This is visible inside the game as terrible stuttering/double/triple vision which I'm assuming is reprojection.

Now, the real weird thing is if I unfocus the window the pink lines disappear and are replaced with orange lines. The game now runs super smooth with no hint stuttering/double or triple vision - it is perfect. Downside is now none of the controls work so I can't actually play the game as such.

Why is this happening when the game running better when unfocused rather than focused. This can't be normal behaviour, can it?

Any help gratefully received.

On a side note - I can get rid of the pink lines by reducing graphic levels just slightly.



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hey i had this exact problem but with project cars 3, been a couple of others but that the only one i remember. Ok so for me this was because i had turned on Hardware accelerated gpu scheduling in windows. so if you have that enabled go ahead and disable it and see if that fixes it, if you dont have it enabled then i have no idea sorry

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