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Vive Pro 2 - headphone hum and buzz, no steamVR motion smoothing, no 120hz wireless

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Dear Vive,

The right headphone makes a horrible buzzing/static sound all the time, rendering the headset unusable without external headphones - headset is on its own surge protector - can this be fixed or is it RMA time? Everyone on reddit is experiencing this to some degree.

Will steamVR motion smoothing be supported? I cannot run most things with a 3090 with this headset

Will 120hz wireless ever be supported with the vive pro wireless kit?

Thank you.

Respectfully yours

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Posted (edited)

Can I get some official input here?

Ive also had screen flicker; worst, most horrendous lens glare I can possibly imagine; abysmal sweetspot; poor edge to edge clarity.

Sharpness compared to G2 is as if someone smeared Vive Pro 2 with vaseline.

Im running it off 3090 in extreme mode.

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