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Interpretation of data?

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Hello, I'm working on a project where I need to extract eyetracking data for watching 360 videos. 

The project I have right now features a sphere in Unity that projects the video within (inside out) and the camera is inside that sphere. 

I managed to print out the eye tracking raw data, but I'm quite lost in its interpretation.

when I print out the gaze direction (xyz) data on a 3d space I get this


which is strange as I turned several times while wearing the HMD, which should show the data as a 'sphere'

I don't quite understand the 'normalized data' for gaze direction. 

Does it mean its values are relative to my current head position and resets whenever I move?

For instance, if I turn my head in the virtual space and look at a point on my right, then turn back and look at a point on my right, the data coordinates will be the same?

Or should I calculate the gaze angle based on the gaze origin and gaze direction?

I would appreciate the help.

Thank you. 

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Okay now I understand that the xyz values in the data is not xyz in unity space but rather xzy. 

I fixed that and now the z value shows the spherical projection.

However, I still do not understand why it would only show the one sided data projection.

I understand that the data is normalized to values between -1 and 1.

Does it mean that it normalizes the data based on the view frame? where end of the right hand side is 1 and left end is -1? 

Then, if I want to see it on a 360 environment should I calculate it based on head position? 

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