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Unity - HTC Vive - OpenXR - Xr Interaction toolkit Integration problem

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I'm facing issue with Controller tracking while configuring XR interaction toolkit - Room Scale XR Rig(Action-based) .

HTC vive with Head set tracking is working in this case but controller is not working.

If I use XR Interaction toolkit  ->Device based ->Room Scale XR Rig , then controller tracking is working.

I'm trying to use latest input system from Unity to work so I don't want to use OpenVR plugin and instead the setup is done with latest OpenXR plugin from unity.

I have seen similar issues in unity forums but they are re directing it to Vive forum. 




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Sorry for the delay - we will be reviewing this asap - is this the same exact issue from the Unity forum? Same versions of all the packages?

As I tried clarifying in the Unity forum, Vive's OpenXR support is for the Vive Cosmos (not Elite which uses SteamVR's).  OpenXR apps using the SteamVR OpenXR runtime (including Vive, Vive Pro) should also seek support on their OpenXR support forum as well. Pleae note that both implementations have passed conformance tests and are official adopters.

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@Dario Thank you for your response. 

Here is the details.

Unity version:  Unity 2020.2

XR interaction toolkit : Version 1.0.0-pre.3

And the steps are mentioned similar to the one in the Unity Forum but for me there is no loading issues. I'm facing issue with the controller. I would like to use the New input System (Action based input system) available in the XT toolkit.

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