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Controller not detected - Cannot complete the setup

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I have a Vive Focus Plus, and recently it stopped detecting one of the controllers. I have changed the batteries, tried rebooting, etc. The controller vibrates if I press the home button, but nothing is detected from the headset, and the controller white light blinks.

At some point I had the brillant idea of doing a factory reset. Now not only one of the controllers is not detected, but I cannot complete the setup (I'm stuck because it seems it requires two working controllers).

I thought it was a problem with the controller, and sent it to Vive to repair it, but today it returned and it's still not working (exactly the same issue).

We use it for testing our products, I really really need a solution asap ūüėē¬†Any ideas?




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I'm going to add to this, we just purchased a vive-focus plus, I'm trying to pair the controllers and neither of the controllers are detected by the headset. When I first power up the headset the controllers vibrate, and blink. The pairing animation shows up in the viveport display in the headset, but holding down the system button(s) never registers with the headset, so we can never get past that stage. Changed the batteries in the controllers, rebooted several times, even using the 'hold the power button down and the volume controls on the headset to get to the boot menus and tried to find the boot download factory reset option, which it turns out is no longer there. Tried all the tricks I know, so far not able to get past the pairing screen. Open to suggestions, recommendations or booting from an SD card if I can get the proper setup files. 




David Davis


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Have you tried long press HMD volume button and controller system button at the same time ?
This works for me when my Focus controller's out of pairing (which happen a lot these days and I can't figure out why...)


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Having the same problem here on several Focus+ devices. Right out of the box, the controllers would never pair with the HMD and could not get past that step in the setup.  Any help on getting these devices up and running would be greatly appreciated.

@sn6783 when you mention volume button, is it volume up or volume down, and when you mention controller system button, do you mean Vive button, Menu buton, trigger?  No documentation labels a button as system button.

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