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What plugin to use for Unity?

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Let's say I want to start a new project for the Vive Cosmos today but support both the inside-out tracking controllers or old wand controllers, and also want to maintain support in the future with other VR platforms. What plugin should I be using with Unity?

From what I see there seem to be 3 options?

1) Valve's own OpenXR plugin (that doesn't support inputs.....)


2) Unity's new OpenXR plugin (that's still early in preview)


3) SteamVR plugin (that seems like it will eventually be deprecated? and also won't work with other platforms in the future?)


Does anybody have any advice?

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Yes, please use the Vive Input Utility (VIU) found in the Asset Store and github and don't let the name mislead you, it's a cross platform toolkit for most all hmds out there (AIO and PC).  It's easier and simpler than the other toolkits.


Note that' you may still need SteamVR which it wraps up (depeding on use case) but VIU also drops down to (wraps) Unity XR apis as well.  

And soon you'll also be able to target OpenXR as well (let me know if you need a workaround for current version).


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