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Cosmos Beta release -


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41 minutes ago, C.T. said:

Are you able to submit a log for me? I can have my team to check for more detail. 

Hi C.T.

I submitted this on Saturday (Sydney time) but I have since reinstalled the software to try (unsuccessfully) resolve the issue I don't know if that is relevant.

Trace No: 20210320064800


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New update has been the worst update so far. Keeps shutting down my Vive nonstop and sometimes my headset won't turn back on at all until I sign out/Restart my PC. My desktop goes completely black and nothing I can do to get my desktop back but sign out or restart my PC. The left controller gets disconnected quickly after turning it on but it's on and won't reconnect. SteamVR now crashes all the time and i'll get crash messages but the programs will still be running. Room setup won't work properly either and it's nearly impossible to get the vive to work for longer than 2 minutes? since this update. Uninstalling the BETA and i'll just seal with the mediocre drivers for now.


But there you go :) Hope these reported problems leads to a solution. Also not using Open XR and it's been disabled. Never used it either.

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5 hours ago, Patrik said:

Last update is no good in Open Xr msfs2020 Its unplayable.. Graphics glitches bad and lightning..

can you check if you are on when you switch to openXR ? we have a hotfix today.

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