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USB Tethering to PC?


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I'm wondering if the Vive Focus Plus can be tethered to a PC to run PC-based VR apps, similar to Oculus Link.

I found this page here that says to simply set the USB configuration mode to "USB Tethering". However, the only options are "Charging" and "MTP (Media Transfer Protocol)".


I've updated to the latest firmware. Was this option removed? I've downloaded and have been running the Viveport PC app, but I can't get the headset and the app to notice each other.

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@RLShum - The F+ does not support wired tethering. We did develop a wireless streaming methodology that's in beta that you can use to get a SteamVR enabled application into the headset. The solution is tied to the Viveport client - the technology itself is built into Viveport so you can only enable it by launching a title from Viveport, but once the streaming session between the PC and the headset is established, there's nothing stopping you from opening applications from other sources. You need 5Ghz WiFi and the quality and latency can be very dependent on your router and overall setup. It's currently only available for accounts with an active Infinity subscription but you can probably test it using a free trial.


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