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we have been trying to install the vive pro and no success! not even getting support from vive/htc.

after being prompted to sign in we get directed to:


we can't get pass this. we tried to remove the %22 and added colon after s (https:) but it just gave us http 500 error.  

we tried changing dns servers and removing possible firewalla but nothing happens. its very frustrating because we cant make it work. it's annotying because it didnt come cheap and we have to do a lot of fixing just to make it work. do we have to be computer experts to use this?

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@mmx & @The Pencil Cunts - We've found an issue specific to the Vive Pro installer. Please see this FAQ and use the suggested install link: https://service.viveport.com/hc/en-us/articles/360054317612-Enterprise-VIVE-Pro-Setup-download-failed-issue

In a worse case scenario, the only thing you need to run the base hardware is SteamVR itself which can be downloaded from Steam.

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