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Vive Cosmos Elite Input in Unreal Engine


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Hi ..

just to be sure to all understand ..

i arrive here after 4 Weeks of searching ..

at the beginning i am not a real Dev .. I am working for Virtual production under Unreal .. and i am beginner .

Si i bought à Cosmos Elite with 2 controllers .. in order to test and dev interesting thing under Unreal ..

but it seems to be really a mess in order to have just these controllers working under unreal ..

Hts cosmos is listed as input .. but nothing seems working ..

Anything i miss ??? or this controllers are too recent for use with unreal ?

UE 4.25 @MariosBikos_HTC

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The controlers dont appears in the scene .

And i use a basic course to try it ..

no controllers are recognized under unreal ..

i go back to 4.23 like the course is .. but same ..


These are the mappings i use .. 

and i am under Beta 1.0.13 


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Using the standard Cosmos and testing with UE 4.25 and 4.26 I can enter in VR but no controller is shown. Just using UE provided VR test template (arriving here as troubleshooting step for another UE-based VR app)

I can move using a standard joypad, instead the controllers didn't show up and clicking any button didn't make any difference.

SteamVR plugin is enabled, Cosmos is added in various Action Mappings and Axis Mappings, Controller bindings was regenerated, I tried to attach a MotionController to SkeletalMeshComponent, with no luck.

There is a specific problem btw Cosmos and UE4? I didn't have other headsets to test on.

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Hello davide445 ! I try to make the joystick work on an htc cosmos but I didn't succeed. Could you export your binds from ue4 or make some printscreens with the actionm mappings, axis mappings ? Please

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