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Longer Display Duration

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Hi all,

I'm checking the display timing accuracy of Vive pro and Pro Eye.
When I do "Black to White Blank Display Test" that is a test for display timing & duration accuracy, the duration of last frame becomes always much longer. Please see attached image.  For example, If white blank is presented for 1 frames (11ms) repeatedly, white blanks should be always 1 frames, but the last white blank become always much longer such as over 100ms. This problem happens in every duration (frames) such as 11ms....500ms.

My PC is Windows10 64bits with NVIDIA Quadro P5000. Refresh Rate is 90Hz (11ms per 1 frame).
Could you tell me the reason why and how to fix it?



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Test with vizard 6 software.

Black and white blanks are repeatedly shown for 1 frame (11ms ) in Vive pro display. During test, the luminance change of display is measured by photosensor to check the display accuracy frame by frame.


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