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VIVE OpenXR support for VIVE Cosmos


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@Poodyand anyone else using Cosmos or Cosmos Elite to clarify:

Vive OpenXR runtime is for the Cosmos (inside out tracking)

SteamVR OpenXR runtime is for the Cosmos Elite (outside in tracking - SteamVR Tracking with basestations)

If you upgraded your Cosmos to the Elite (using removable faceplate) the same applies. If this is your case, then try going back to Cosmos by swapping back the original faceplate and try again.



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The first post states that the Cosmos has support for XR_EXT_eye _gaze_interaction. Does this mean that the Cosmos has the hardware required to track the eye gaze? (I thought this was only for the Vive Pro Eye.) Or does it need some add-on for this? I haven't bought any VR equipment yet. I'm currently just exploring the options.

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On unity 2020.3.11 the profile is visible on choice list , but never added in profiles list.
Then not possible to use cosmos with this unity version 😞

An idea ?



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Hi @Laurent 

I am seeing it in 2020.3.11



What is tripping folks up is that you have to add it to the Project Settings -> Input System Package     (possibly a Unity bug)



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57 minutes ago, Dario said:

Thanks for your reply.

Can you test to remove "HTC Vive cosmos controller support" from the list and after that try to add it again ?

I saw that if you had added this profile on older unity version (like 2020.3.5 where there were no problems to put it), then the profile stay in list even after update your projet to 2020.3.11.
But for us the profile can't be added on a new clean projet 2020.3.11.
To resolve that we have modified  HtcViveCosmosInputFeature.cs (see my other post).



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I have a behavior I can't understand: since some weeks (I can't track down exactly when started) opening the VIVE Console I'm asked if I want to enable OpenXR on my Cosmos (se attached picture, don't consider the error just opened the console without the headset attached to show the OpenXR topic).

I never opt for the specific beta release, se attached second image about my Console release.

Since I'm troubleshooting a performance problem with a custom application that might be related to VIVE usage I wanted to ask where this message is coming from and if there is any way to uninstall any OpenXR related stuff (the app we have developed is using SteamVR).



OpenXR 2.png

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