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Headset was working perfectly for weeks and now suddenly, i'm getting a black screen every time I use it


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Hi everyone, I really need help here. I have a vive pro with the wireless adaptor. everything was working perfectly for 2-3 months. since I update StreamVR (maybe a coincidence) my helmet goes to a black screen every time I use it BUT I still hear the audio and people who are looking at the computer see what im doing in the game. Sometimes after 5min, 15 min or 30min.

I reach out to tech support (amazing service) but they couldn't find the problem. We look at a tone of parameters and nothing changed. I changed the cable from the helmet to the wireless adaptor, I changed the adaptor , the antenna and the card that goes in the computer and still the same issue.

The only thing I haven't try is another helmet. My guest (not a technical expert but I have some knowledge) that it's maybe the connectors in the helmet.

Any advice or experience you can share with me?

Any help will be appreciated.

thanks a lot



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