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EyeCalibration.exe broken in ?

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On 10/26/2020 at 11:31 AM, jdevoldere said:

No response from Vive yet, this is ridiculous...

Having to wait for over two weeks is a very long as a developer. I just send a pm to @Corvus I really hope he answers and can provide some clarification.
Are there any other HTC employed users on this forum that can shed some light on this matter?

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6 minutes ago, StefanPezzei said:

@Djangi did you get answer? 
or does somebody know a workaround to fix this? 

No response whatsoever. I'm really disappointed with HTC's lack of support. The main reason I choose the HTC Vive Pro Eye over the Pupil Labs Vive addon was the active community/support which seems to have dissipated.
I'm going to keep a close eye on the HP Reverb G2 Omniconcept Edition.

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I originally send the following message to @Corvus who has yet to reply. I've gathered usernames with admin/employee status from the latests topics on this forum and will tag them here. It's a bit nasty (my apologies) but I really need some answers. Feel free to add your own questions(if you have any)

The original message:



Hi Corvus,

About two weeks ago I created a new topic concerning my issues with SRanipal
In my experience the new SDK breaks the core functionality(calibration, pupil size) which renders it unusable. 
Based on the activity on the developers forum it seems that other developers are experiencing similar issues.
I'm currently back on runtime version again, which allows me to continue working on my projects. While this solution does seems to solve my problems for now, this creates an unsustainable situation since the runtime will try to auto update every time it is run. I also can't expect my end users to prevent the runtime from updating.

I tagged you multiple times but have yet to receive a reply on this matter and unless there are any other HTC employees on this forum, you are my only contact for support.  Having to wait for support for over two weeks is a long time, especially within game/software developer. I have multiple projects in the pipeline that require the purchase of multiple HTC Pro Eye headsets but the lack of proper support might postpone this.
Please understand that support and communication is key to earn the trust of developers. It's the only way to mature the developer community and your products. 

I would really like to get some answers to the following questions:

  1. Is HTC aware of these issues
  2. Is there a workaround
  3. can we expect een update anytime soon.
  4. will you disable the auto update functionality in future revisions
  5. Are there patchnotes on 

I'm looking forward to your reply.

Best regards,


@Marios Bikos
@Tony PH Lin

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Hi @Djangi, @StefanPezzei

Sorry for the late update, and we have just released a new version ( to resolve related issues regarding to Calibration fail.


You can refer to another topic and one developer has verified okay on his reply.

Please let us know if your issue has been resolved.



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