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Mirror Display Stuttering

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Ever since upgrading to the cosmos I have found that the Steam VR mirror display is choppy and unusable the cosmos display mirror works smoothly however is absolutely terrible. Can I have some support in fixing my steamvr stuttering mirroring or can we please have a left and right eye dominant 16:9 mirroring in the cosmos app?

For Youtubers, Broadcasters, and even demos. Absolutely nobody likes all this dead space on the screen. It is a very non intuitive display for a 16:9 monitor.

Cosmos Elite

Vive Wireless

Ryzen 7 2700x

32GB 3200Mhz ram

RTX 2080

NVMe storage


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I decided to record a video to attempt and capture the stutter. I think it's best seen if you start from 2:50 it's best seen there. It's like framerate loss. but the rest of the video speaks about 
the issues of the built in cosmos display mirror

Let me know if a video with more samples is needed I'd be happy to record and upload more 



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