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HTC VIVE VR Package Condition Questions

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I have purchased HTC VIVE VR on Ebay recently, this is discontinued model so I had to ask here.

Looks like I found some suspicious package conditions as used item. Could someone please give me some honest idea?

Minor stains and handmade packing, Brushed Parcell, unpacked controllers.










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On 8/8/2020 at 8:29 AM, cyber_sinxer said:

you bought it from a ebay seller then second hand or new?

I bought it from a Ebay Seller as brand new..

What do you think? 

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@sladle11 - This wouldn't be "new" by definition because it's definitely an open box unit. Two of the most obvious indicators of usage are scratches/microscratches on the lenses as well as visible damage to the HMD tether. It's virtually impossible to use an HMD for any significant amount of time without seeing some wear & tear on those components. I generally don't recommend buying HMD's and VR equipment used. They're fragile. You did get hit with misrepresentation though - most selling platforms would call this "Used - Very good" or "used - good" at best, even if the hardware itself was only lightly used, it's still an open box unit for sure. 

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