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Wave SDK + Supported Unity versions

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Hi all, 

if you want to know what Unity version you should use with our latest Wave SDK versions, please make sure you are aware of the following:

  • We suggest using Unity 2018.4 LTS + Wave SDK 3.1.94 for best performance and stability. Wave 3.1.94 is still in Early Access so this can only be used with a Developer ROM at the moment. Instructions here. Otherwise you can use Wave SDK 3.1.6 if you want to create an app that will be available on viveport to the public for example.
  • If you do need to use Unity 2019, then Unity 2019.3.6 + Wave SDK 3.1.94 or Wave SDK 3.1.6 should work but we don't recommend versions of Unity beyond 2019.3.6 as there is currently a memory leak issue.
  • With our Wave SDK 3.2 release, we will provide access to our new Wave XR Plugin according to the Unity XR Platform Updates to support all versions of Unity 2019.3.X and Unity 2019.4 LTS as well as Unity 2020.1.
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