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Base station not working, need help diagnosing

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I was bored today so I decided to take out my Vive and play some VR. But I was halted because my base stations won't connect. I took them down, researched, and here's what I found: 

One of the base stations makes a slight constant clicking noise when on blue light. I tried to connect the two base stations together by aligning them up and making them face each other. They connected after forcing them too by resetting them but quickly lost connection. SteamVR says theirs a base station error that something is blocking the line of sight (this is when they were facing straight at each other with no obstructions).

 After this, either one of the base stations will just have a green light with nothing else, no sounds or vibrations from it, while the other one stays on with a blue light (when testing they would switch which one does this). 

They also disconnect from steamVR constantly, maybe that they just can't see the headset, (yet it should be seeable), maybe a problem

These base stations are old, probably around 2 years, and a month or two prior when they were working they were buggy and I would have to constantly redo my room setup (floors too high/low, tilted view, etc.).

Video link of Clicking sound: [(Probably will have to turn up volume)](https://youtu.be/w-liV2dmgzc)


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Posted (edited)

Found out that only one of the base stations isn't working, the other one seems fine.

It wont connect to my computer, it had a blue light on but wont connect to my other base station. Slight clicking noise, I took the internals out and their seemed to be nothing wrong with it. The motors spin fine, but are a bit louder compared to my working one. (Yes, they worked before, they are set up right, they can see each other and the headset). The none working one is on the "c”channel.

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