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Electrical trigger for Tracker Pogo Pins

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I've got a Vive Tracker 2018 and a Sony Alpha 7. 

The shoe on top of the camera is capable to trigger an attached flash light. 


My Question: Is it possible to use this electrical trigger signal with the Pogo Pins?

This way the camera trigger would not only create a picture but also send a trigger signal with the Tracker simultaneously!


Any ideas to implement this technique is appreciated! Thx.

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@stu81ffm - You could theoretically do this depending on what types of outputs your camera flashlight has. Basically - you could wire some sort of circuit so when the flashlight is one, it also completes a circuit between one of the PoGo input pin's and the PoGo's ground. It's a pretty simple system - if there is a closed circuit between one of the PoGo's input pins and the ground - it registers that as an input.

I think in this case, wiring your lighting source to open/close that circuit would be the hard part. You could always just wire a simple switch instead.

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Ah, so I need kind of a double circuit. So the Flashlight circuit "triggers" the tracker circuit. 

I will look deeper into this with my colleague and see how we get this working. Thx

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