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[Survey] Hand Tracking SDK Feedback June edition

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Hi developers,

If you're currently developing an application using our latest Hand Tracking SDK v0.9.2 (released on 5/20/20), then we’d like to hear your feedback thus far. 

Hand Tracking SDK Feedback Survey

The survey will close on June 15, and the next one will be scheduled for on July 1.

We appreciate you and your feedback!

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Posted (edited)

Hi, I'm using HTC VIVE with a GTX 1080 GPU,

The hand tracking function is working better in 0.9.2 than 0.9.1.

But my fingers some times start shaking. I have used white cloth on floor, ceiling, and walls to reduce destructive edges.

I don't know instead of VIVE should I use VIVE Pro or not.

The range that VIVE's front camera detects is small, and it is not comfortable to hold my hands in a specially dedicated space for a long time. And always I forget to get my hands in range.

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