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Cosmos Beta release -


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1 hour ago, bl1mpweeb said:

They can't literally cause 90% of vive's success is due to valve, and they were behind most of the elegance of vive pro etc.

Oh ok. What are you basing this on? HTC and Valve worked in a partnership and still do. The HMD design was led by HTC, so your statement is absolutely rubbish.


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On 6/28/2020 at 11:04 AM, Fink said:

Morning all.

Just wondering if there it contain is another update due soon and if so what will contain?



I just read my own post oops! I guess that is what you get for writing on a small phone screen without glasses (after a long night), so what I meant to ask, is there a firmware update pending soon and if so what are we going to see this time round in terms of tracking improvements for optical tracking if any? Also interested in what sort of challenges the team if facing with getting it to a comparable level of performance with other peer products on the market. It is it technical issues that are the problem or more resourcing and is there anything we as users can do to either assist or contribute to progressing it further (and faster) or is it a dead issue now for this product seeing it is approaching the one year mark?

Hopefully someone will find these reasonable questions from a owner of this device and will respond with something.

Cheers! Fink

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