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(Cosmos Elite) Barrel Distortion/Accelerometer Jitter Using Wireless

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Yeah, I've considered getting the Pro, but I'm a little concerned with HTC hardware at the moment.

I mean, the resolution is roughly the same, it has OLED panels, and has an overall better form factor.

The only concern I have with the Vive Pro is with the headphones... and cost.

$549 is almost too expensive for just a headset (Cosmos Elite), so I'm having a hard time with paying almost $800 for a mild upgrade (Vive Pro).

Hopefully HTC realizes that their currant platform isn't sustainable in the long game. I'd really like to see them lower their prices, as well as address & fix their hardware/software issues without penalizing the consumer with costly upgrades that should have been included at launch.

That being said, I really love the original Vive with the pro strap, & wireless adapter. It's almost perfect, other than the obviously outdated resolution.

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5 hours ago, nickakathatguy said:

The cheapest I've found it is $749 (USD) on Amazon. 

Dell sells it for $799, & Microsoft sells it for $899. 

I really wish I could find it for $499... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

That's really strange. In the UK you can still buy the Pro (direct from HTC) for £599.

Not sure why it's been discontinued in the US.

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It's strange I suppose... maybe it's due to Covid-19 & low sales? 

But either way I'm pretty content with my original Vive setup.

I played Half-life: Alyx all night with excellent uninterrupted wireless performance, & overall higher reliability than the Elite. 

Another thing I missed was the OLED... It makes a HUGE difference. I could see the Pro being valuable in that regard.

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I just wanted to let any HTC representative that might have possibly stumbled across my post that I've gone ahead and returned the Cosmos Elite with no intention of trying again.

I've been using the original Vive since 2016 as many others, but if you don't take the communities feedback seriously, I'm sure there will be a mass migration very soon.

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