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VR Hedset possibilities ad 2020

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"No, this is medical obviousness."
Any medical professional will tell you being active standing up and doing things (even in VR) is better for you than sitting in a chair.

"But can you imagine that for example, only fast-foods would be operating, only because majority thinks it is tasty, cheap and better"
"No I can't, but I also wouldn't expect someone to open a gormet fried chicken restaurant next door to and serve the same food as the KFC next door just on a fancy plate and get away with charging 10 times the price."
"As you can tell my English is far from being good, but this sentence has no meaning for me."

no my English was bad and marred by dyslexia, sorry, I was using your own analogy, you were telling me it would be stupid if only fast food operates, I'm telling you it would be just as stupid for a classy restaurant to open next door to fast food and serve the exact same food as the fast food only for more money. In that situation normal PC gaming is fast food and VR with m+k is serving it on a fancy plate. It might look objectively nicer served like that but it's functionally the same thing and so it's cheaper and easier for the vast majority to not bother trying to do it in VR. And most companies trying to do that will take a substantial loss

"You can say exactly the same about movies, music, books and many other aspects of our life. But there is always a choice."

I can and often do say the same things about other things but I wasn't commenting about story because telling the same story in a new light can be done well and that's not the point I was making, if you're playing for story reasons the game play largely doesn't matter so long as it serves the story and gives the player agency to change the story. I was talking about mechanics. I'm saying that even the "most ambitious games" we have are mechanically the same as many others, comparing them to cars, it's like all car manufacturers were making different looking cars but they all use the same gearboxes and exhausts and engines that have been around for over a decade maybe with tuning them a little. And all the mechanics have been around long enough that almost every mix of them has been tried. No one is making formula one equivalent games in the PC space anymore, no-one really pushes the boundaries of what it means to be a game on the large scale. AAA titles are always safe bets, they're the same thing they made last year or last generation with a continuation of the story or a new story and a new slap of paint. You're buying the same car that you already own. You have the choice whether it's painted red this year or green but it's still the same game.

If you venture outside of AAA games or even paid for games you start to get real innovation, take a look at the games that have come out of the ludum dare game jams, because there are so many constraints on the developers that take part that to stand out you have to do something innovative. There might well be a thousand copycat games, but its a wild west and so some astounding games come from a 72 hour long competition. They won't be 100+ hour long epics to play but that doesn't make them bad games. This is one of the reasons why flash games were so important during the 00s anyone could and often did write a flash game and so there were a tonne of games developed many were bad but the few that were really good had their mechanics added to the tools available for every developer to use.

I think the point I was trying to get at is not books are bad because they're all paper with letters written on them, but no-one wants a movie where all you do is sit and read scrolling text. You've got a whole new medium and a new dimension why would you not use it? This is how I see HMD with k+m, you're using the hardware in the worst possible way, there may come a time when it's useful as a game mechanic, just as scrolling text was used as the introduction to Star Wars, or the way closed captions exist for deaf people but I don't think it's going to be the default VR experience, it'll be an accessibility experience for people who are wheelchair bound or don't have the mobility to enjoy VR the way the majority of us can and in most cases want to, and only used as part of a story very occasionally.

"That explains a lot. We should end our discussion at this point. Thanks for your time. Enjoy your happy meal."

I think your reaction to what I said says more about you than what I said does about me. I've tried a lot of games on PC while almost completely avoiding anything on the AAA list (at least I rarely bothered to buy them when they are new since I've rarely had top of the line hardware and I'd almost always choose to save for a new component rather than buy a $25+ game). There's a lot of choice in PC games out there, from web games to AAA, I have probably played 1000 or more different games for at least 30 seconds of each, the majority were bad (hell I've played over 200 different tower defence titles and a probably as many incremental games cause I quite like those genres and yes most of them were bad too) the average PC game is objectively bad, in all cases. There are millions of games and you can probably name every one that you'd give a 5 star rating to it may be 100 or 1000 but it's not going to be the majority of PC games, almost all PC games are going to be ones that are in genres you don't like or poor executions of things that you do.

The worst games I've played in VR have largely not been what I'd really consider games but I've gone into them expecting games, they're places to stand or sit and enjoy things, experiences rather than something to interact with or a means to an end like a "game" that makes it comfy to sit and enjoy a movie with friends remotely or a "game" that's really a short film where you get to choose what bit of the scenes to focus on. And I've only played maybe 20 VR "games" in total, I've only been in VR for 70 or so hours compared to over 10k+ hours in PC games of various types, I haven't really had a chance to plumb the depths of bad VR games yet. And yet I thought it was still notable that I've not really had an experience I'd call bad among these 20, I've definitely had ones that weren't what I was expecting but nothing that I considered a waste of my time, money or efforts to explore. The question that springs to mind is If most PC games are bad why are most VR games passable or better?

I'm obviously not blindly praising everything I've played, the bar I'm using is "passable", it's not all cheap fast food that satisfies the masses I'll admit there are things I like that others might not or that I dislike that others might enjoy. But that programming for VR takes more than the very basics of skills probably precludes the shockingly bad experiences from web games or flash games or unity games, while the default levels of immersion and interactivity can make even the simplest games that people choose to make come alive in a way that doesn't strictly happen with PC gaming.

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