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Getting started with the HTC Vive Tracker (Pose + Input via Pogo pins) in Unreal Engine 4.24

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On 7/15/2021 at 3:46 PM, patrickabroad said:

I watched to video above but when I click the "Edit" button for current binding, nothing happens.  Also, nothing happens if I click the Create New Binding button.  I'm I doing something wrong?

SteamVR 1.18.7 and UE 4.26.2


I figured it out.  The binding step appears to no longer works for the Trackers in 4.25+ which in affect eliminates all the "Special" input sources.  For Input Source in UE, choose one of the sources that start with "Tracker_".  This should match the roles you can chose for the Tracker in SteamVR.  Then, in the SteamVR settings, select the Tracker role that matches the Input Source you selected in UE.  You can skip the whole binding part of the process shown above.

This is not documented anywhere in HTC or in Epic Games so it would be cool if you guys did that.

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