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Wave SDK 3.1.94 Early Access and Experimental ROM 3.07.623.336 - How to Request Access

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Wave SDK 3.1.94 Early Access and Experimental ROM 3.07.623.336 - How to Request Access

Find Wave SDK 3.1.94 Early Access here - https://developer.vive.com/resources/2020/04/01/vive-wave-sdk-early-access-updated-3-1-94/

  To receive ROM access, read on.....

This SDK has a medley of new features, including:

 Pass Through

Passthrough cameras triggered when exiting virtual safety wall

Use HelloVR to test this effect

Also press twice power button to enable Pass Through, and you should see the launch time is very quick.


Hand Gesture & Tracking

A Gesture sample Gesture_Test is provided in the wvr_unity_samples.unitypackage. You can find the sample under Assets/Samples/Gesture_Test.



3DSP Audio

You can build a demo app inside wvr_unity_Vive3DSP.unitypackage to see the effect of Vive 3D Audio.

AudioTestApp scene is in Assets/Vive3DSP/Samples/AudioTestApp/Scenes.



Direct Preview for Unreal



Adaptive Quality (now working in ROM update 3.07.623.336)

Adjusts CPU/GPU rendering performance levels to improve FPS




   In order to use the new features found in Wave SDK 3.1.94 you’ll need to upgrade to the latest ROM (go to Settings > System Update). 

Please write to  @Tony PH Lin and provide your

  •  name,
  • company,
  • device type (Focus or Focus Plus),
  • HMD serial number,
  • and your current ROM Version. 

These are the ROMs required to receive the special ROM:

     Focus Plus: 3.07.623.3

     Focus (dev kit):  2.04.1400.2

Expect 2 business days turn-around time.   Once your request is processed, then you will receive the FOTA for ROM version 3.07.623.316 for Focus Plus or ROM version 2.11.1400.216 for Focus. You will then need to make another system update to ROM version 3.07.623.336. 

  If you have any feedback please share with us in the comments. 


  The Vive Wave Team



Edited by JustinVive
changed contact email to instead contact Tony PH Lin
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These new features are great. The passthrough cameras triggering after passing through the virtual wall is long overdue. It's a shame you can't also trigger the passthrough cameras when pressing the Vive button twice on a controller - like you can with the PC headsets.

Also, is there a reason some of these new features weren't built into the ViveportM launcher on an updated headset?

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