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Cosmos Public Release


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VIVE Cosmos – Public Release Notes 
Released March 3rd 2020


  • HMD
    • Reduced HMD movement jitter
  • Controller
    • Overall performance improvement on controller tracking in VR


  • Adjusted color correction for content running through compatibility libraries (such as Revive) – Forum Issue Link
  • Fixed a memory leak bug that would build up over time


  • Fixed a bug where the setting your forward direction through Lens wasn't working
  • Fixed Setting UI bugs
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5 hours ago, arknes said:

cool.... how about a update on the vive and vive pro for our wireless problems thats seems to be hitting a ton of players 

You appear to be posting in the wrong forum!!! Not sure what the issue is? Some Cosmos users are reporting grey screens from time to time, I assume it is the same as this? I've experienced this, but seems very intermittent.

The best way to report this is to use the Viveport "Report Issue" option in Settings. This way a full set of logs (including Wireless) are sent to HTC and it automatically creates a support case.

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3 hours ago, arknes said:

lol viveport tells me to come here this place dont give 2 shits

Very mature response indeed. Cosmos right now taking all time of Vive dev team because it's not in the best state. Report an issue if you want your problem solved. 

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48 minutes ago, Glaucoma Predator said:

Wait a minute doesn't 10.7 have worse tracking than version 9.x as per user reports in the 10.7 beta thread?

Can't believe this was pushed to public release. was the beta with the bad tracking. I think the consensus was that the beta of was a vast improvement. Still some issues though.

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