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VIVE Cosmos – Beta Release Notes  Released February 26th, 2020 [Tracking]   HMD  Reduced HMD movement Jitter Controller  Overall performance improv

To me this seems perfect. Last release was usable but tracking was sometimes unreliable, with controllers something not updating the position for a second, some other times just disappearing for a sho

Here's a bunch of gameplay from Boneworks on I agree still some issues with the rifle action. It is difficult to aim. Otherwise everything else is great. Played two hours and almost got

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14 hours ago, tonton said:

🥵 bonjour a tous voila encore une mise a jour la qui change rien 

Pour les jeux de tir le fusil a deux mains toujours aussi mauvais 

Pour le home du cosmos franchement nul toujours rien une voiture téléguidé heureusement il y a steam vr pour inviter des amies 

Est maintenant il sorte un nouveau cosmos Elite  et autre accessoire encore de l argent 

moi si j ai acheter le cosmos c est pour jouer tranquille est non pas toujours attendre des mise a jour qui change rien 

franchement je c est plus quoi pense du  htc vive cosmos

a bon mais essai war dust ! le fusil fonctionne pluto bien ! 

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Manu said the update is alright but there's a lot of work still ahead. Also says rifle works pretty good on war dust.
Oui said LH faceplate releases second quarter 2020 for 220$
Tonton said rifle situation is unchanged, pretty bitter about the elite situation, not even the rc toy was spared from his wrath.

Don't mind me I'm just refreshing beta releases to see if it's buyable yet.

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Did some testing over the weekend.

3 hours+ on Beat Saber:

Tracking response was so much better, I was able to get higher scores than I used to even above VIVE Pro. (There may have been some skill improvement...?) I had not compared to VIVE Pro at this time. Regardless, while last update still wasn't enough to play some expert+ songs, this update is now 99% for this game, some rare tracking errors for extreme movements, but it undistinguishable between player error. Well enough for an average gamer. The 3 hours of gameplay was SUPER FUN. 1% improvement will be for the competitive gamers aiming for full combos.

1 Hour Avatar recording:

On the other hand, it seems the lower hand movement skipping (due to better response?) is more pronounced and it was harder to control my hands jumping around using Virtual Cast. I had to edit out a lot of the hand jumping, and you can still see some of it in the final video. However, I can note that the environment is not the best since my small deskspace had bright ceiling lights and a bright iMac in front of the VIVE Cosmos.


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Well the tracking with both hands where one is in front of another still doesn't work (e.g. games that require the use of rifles)

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On note une grande amélioration il faut le reconnaître. Certes toujours problématique avec les fusils mais beaucoup plus jouable.

Par contre moi je rencontre un nouveau problème avec la Beta steamvr un enfer elle me donne mal à la tête 

Tous mes jeux lag depuis cette mise a jour. Si quelqu'un sait comment desactiver steam vr qui se lance automatiquement je suis preneur 

Je vais écrire mon post aussi pour nos amis anglophones / now I'm going to write the same msg for all English friends 😉

I noticed a good improvement but I have always issues with all rifle with two hands.

Now a new problem with the last steamvr beta update, it's horrible lose images, headaches and a lot of lags with my all games.

If somebody know how to disable steamvr I take it

Sorry for my english 😉

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On 28/02/2020 at 13:05, TomCgcmfc said:

Je voudrais que vous, les francophones, postez en anglais et / ou au moins incluez une traduction Google en anglais. Je suis souvent sur un mobile et je n'ai pas facilement accès à un traducteur. Je détesterais manquer quelque chose d'important, lol!

tu as le droit de chercher la traduction  toi aussi ! comme moi je le fais pour l anglais ;}

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Here's a bunch of gameplay from Boneworks on

I agree still some issues with the rifle action. It is difficult to aim.
Otherwise everything else is great. Played two hours and almost got dizzy jumping and running around.

I love how Boneworks uses capacitive touch on some of the buttons.



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