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Cosmos Beta release -


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Reading other posts another problem I was not sure depend from the tracking: launching the VR world I started finding myself in the wrong starting place in the virtual environment, instead of outside a building slightly inside, maybe inside a wall. I suppose there is some tracking or alignment problem.

Also hand tracking seems to be a bit worse, but not sure since the batteries of the controllers was really low so maybe that might influence the tracking I suppose.

To be objective the previous release was working fine for me. I have a demo on Monday, any way to roll back at previous release.

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Sorry to be more precise, not hand tracking but controllers tracking, that are controlling virtual hands.

Seems they lost the tracking easily, but difficult to be sure since as written batteries was very low and I also got them tested with inexperienced users that was holding them in strange positions (i.e. very low or very near one to another).

Seems the position was not very well tracked either since was also difficult to act on some object (i.e. activate a light switch). Again not sure if this was due to low batteries.

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Tested today with new batteries and all seems working better. Didn't find myself in the wrong place. 

Received the too bright environment alert, but when I was in an office with sun coming directly in from windows. 

Still controllers tracking is worst than previous release in my opinion, less accurate and more difficult to interact with. 

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you know what I'm sad and very worried about the turnings and the future of the beautiful Headset and I think that say " that all is well and that it will work out" its finish.

This type of video is completing the cosmos short life 

Look at from 1h30min😡😡😡

They definitely kill the COSMOS 

I going to wait one month and after that I sell my HTC

Its the only sad solution 

So I'm going to try to sell it 😕😕😕😕😕😰😰😰😰😰

On 1/20/2020 at 7:05 AM, HoZy said:



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A nearly 4 months old video.... seriously?
I can't understand that you didn't saw that video before ordering your headset...

There were really just a few online before release and they nearly all got a negative taste.
So I thought people are aware of what they're ordering.

I mean: if you are not pleased and don't wanna wait or don't trust HTC any longer, then just sell it and get yourself a proven product.
And as you wrote: you already think it's finished.

In my case I watched all of those videos before I ordered.
They all said because of price there's no market for this particular headset.
That may be correct for many users.
In my case it's the only headset that fits my needs (no roomsensors placement and manual IPD for 72mm).
So I'm thankful that HTC gave me at least the opportunity to play VR.

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hello Ajey my fault my only my fault I didn't Isee the date  of this vidéo

I looked for a video about SAINTS AND SINNERS and a watched this

So I have always trouble with boneworks and onward 

I tried QUEST and this is the night and day with tracking but not with quality image 

Forget my previous post sorry about that

I'm going to wait 😉


On 1/20/2020 at 7:05 AM, HoZy said:



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