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Headphones and Microphone doesn't work

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Hey guys, I've been using my Cosmos since 3 weeks, my headphones were working but my microphone was not. But now I can't hear anything or play Pavlov VR because my microphone doesn't work and can't roleplay to do it. If you can help me, i'd really appreciate.

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Hi @MetalistBat,

Have you contacted our general customer service? We have a live chat option so you can get your issue resolved as quickly as possible. I'm only suggesting this option because of 4 hour interval follow up. 


On the forum here, there may be up to a 48 hour response time - just a heads up, but we'll do our best here!

Let's check if the device is properly connected and assigned when you're playing:

  1. Connect your VIVE Cosmos. (Make sure linkbox is on)
  2. Open Sound Settings 
  3. Click Sound Control Panel
  4. Check Playback to see if Cosmos is the default device (for headphones).
  5. Check Recording to see if Cosmos is the default device.

If they aren't assigned as default, click "set default" for the Cosmos device listed and try playing. Let me know if this resolves your issue.

If not, then there may be some steam settings we can run through. Also, double check on other VR experiences if your mic is working; this is to rule out the muting function of Pavlov. 


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