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Seems everytime i start my Vive cosmos, i have to fight with the following cycle:

  1. vive console loads
  2. steam vr loads
  3. steam vr crashes
  4. steam vr restarts in safe mode
  5. steam vr works but now vive console does not
  6. restart both and same issue just repeats.

after several attempts, reinstalls of steam vr, file validations, or just trying repeatedly it just magicially decides to work.  I've noticed it prefers to launch in steam VR home to be stable. Which I actually prefer to the viveport.


so questions.

  • Is there a way to fix this? I've tried beta, stable release, reinstalls, same issues.
  • is there a way with the cosmos to set it to just use steam vr home instead of the viveport?  Viveport seems to have an issue finding all my games anyways, so i prefer Steam VR home.



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