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Temporarily Disabling Chaperone or Collision Boundary

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@lamyipming - For transparencies sake, I'm comfortable sharing that the bulk of the Cosmo team's engineering resources are currently focused on tracking. Features and other UX tweaks will have higher

This warms my heart actually, knowing that tracking issue are currently the #1 priority. I can overlook the chaperone annoyances knowing this. In any case, I have the same problem with Elite Danger

That's actually very nice to hear! Makes me feel very warm inside - knowing that you care! I was kinda scared because I watched the youtube video with the new lighthouse kit for Cosmos that will be re

What clodheaded idiot thought this feature was welcome or even wanted?

The fact I have to keep doing this every damn time Vive decides to update their software (but never to fix this ridiculous oversight) just compounds insult to injury.

Only in VR can a company get away for so long being so tone deaf to what their customers want.

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