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Problems with controllers in SteamVR

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Hi. I have my new Vive Cosmos since 4 days. 

Everything works fine but in several games at Steam VR, when the game starts the controllers change and it appears like the old Vive controllers so I can move it but no button is working.

I can tell you that this issue is in Batman Arkham VR and Skyrim VR but I am sure that this suceed at more games.

Have I to install any driver? What do you think I can do?

A lot thanks!.

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We're sorry about the issue you're currently experiencing. If you find your headset tracking in the game and not your controllers (e.g. they are stuck on the floor), then it's most likely due to controller compatibility. This also applies to your scenario where Cosmos controllers aren't being accurately represented. This means that the developers of the VR title have not directly supported the new Cosmos controllers at the moment. 

We do have one workaround which is using the custom controller bindings provided by the Steam community.

1. SteamVR

2. SteamVR Dashboard (three lines on top left corner)

3. Devices

4. Controller Settings

5. Select game

6. Select Cosmos controller (make sure your cosmos controllers are on)

7. Select Community Binding and apply. 

8. Play

Let me know if this works out!


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