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Q&A with Tre Jenkins - Account Manager

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Please introduce yourself. What do you do for Viveport?
As a Content Partnership Manager, I work with developers to bring their content to the Viveport ecosystem, manage administrative matters like payments, and build relationships between content creators and Vive.

What is a normal day at the office for Tre?
A normal day at the office consists of searching for interesting new content that we might bring to Viveport, reaching out to existing and potential new developers to explore further partnerships, testing their content, processing payments for developers, responding to in-bound requests, and shipping devkits or other necessary hardware where needed.

How do you work with developers to bring their content for Viveport?
By being their Viveport liaison, I connect developers with our talented content and developer marketing teams in order to prepare developers with the tools and resources they need to make their title a success. This potentially grants access to various marketing resources and collaborations to ensure higher visibility upon release. I am also there when developers have any questions about the submission process, dev tools or anything else they might need to get their title in the hands of the Viveport community.

Do you have any advice for developers when they start their conversations with the Viveport content team?
I would say that it’s incredibly important to share the most unique and polished experience you can. Have a build ready. First impressions can mean a lot. In a rapidly growing market, it’s essential to put your best foot forward in order to stand out.

One thing that is awesome is I see you in a headset all the time. You evaluate a lot of VR content! What are some good things you’re looking for when testing VR content prior to a release on Viveport?
Things we look for when searching for the next great experience: Does it have a unique mechanical hook? Does it have a personality - something that’s quirky and funny definitely help stand out among the crowd. Does the experience have ‘stickiness’? (will it be something people will want to experience more than once) And finally: does it have that ‘wow’ factor that makes me want to tell my friends and family that they HAVE to check this out?

And how about some of the negative things that developers should avoid that you come across in your testing?
Far too often, there are experiences that underperform in the area of onboarding users efficiently and clearly. It’s really important to clearly communicate how the game or app functions, and get them doing the thing as quickly as you can. Remember - a good portion of your audience has little to no experience with VR, so you have to hold their hand but get moving to the exciting part.

What is your favorite title on Viveport that you’ve played so far (that you can talk about)?
My favorite title on Viveport is Prison Boss. It’s funny, the mechanics are intuitive and addictive, and I could play it time and time again and have a new experience each time.

And finally, if you could tell all VR developers out there one thing, what would you tell them?
I would tell developers to keep their audience in mind throughout the development process. There are many people out there who have never picked up a headset before, while others are super-users with hours and hours of time invested in our world. It’s essential to keep both in mind and make your content as engaging and approachable to both types of users if you want your experience to soar. 

Thanks for taking the time to chat, Tre! You can connect with Tre Jenkins at LinkedIn here and if you want to get started with Viveport, head off to the Developer Console. Next month, we’ll chat with another member of our developer-facing team.

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