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I am developing with Unity2017.4.34f1 using Vive pro eye.
In the project I developed, scene transitions occur frequently, but at that time, an error [[SRanipal] Initial Eye: DEVICE_NOT_FOUND] occurs and the eye tracking function stops responding.

Please help me if you know the cause or solution of this problem. Thank you!


@Daniel_Y @zzy

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Thank you for your reply.

It is not always reproduced. It will be reproduced occasionally.

The test scenario is as follows.
1. Scene A starts with the target displayed in front of the user.
2. The user looks at the target for 1 second (scene A).
3. Move to scene B with 10 objects displayed at random positions.
4. Success when the user finds the target from within the object and gazes at the target for 1 second (Scene B).
5. Repeat 1 ~ 4. 10 times.


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