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The calibration result is strange.

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On 11/8/2019 at 9:56 PM, Maryvonne said:

Hope you don't mind me asking if you have checked the tracking during your experiment? When we checked it in our application, it seemed to record the eye movement precisely.

We recorded data in an experiment for two weeks and suddenly (after the last update) it becomes very difficult to calibrate the eyetracker to any user and the data we collect is rare. The eyetracking test integrated into the htc dashboard confirms the data. No one is able to illuminate the marked points. Something has happened with the update or the eyetrackers of 4 htc pro eye have been broken at the same time


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I experience the same, upon calibration the test screen does not work properly but eye gaze ray appears to work properly in scene. I suspect the bug is in the calibration test scene and not the calibration itself. Perhaps test with gaze ray and interactive objects in your scene to be sure. 

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Calibrartion says that it works fine but is followed by a "demo" where you are told to "focus on anyot to see if you can light it up".  I can but only if I look a fair bit (-20 deg) below the dot.   This is as described in the other post I linked.  I am currently in the process of installing the Tobii SDK to see if the tracking is in fact OK with a different demos (as the other post suggests).  
I am using SteamVR 1.8.20


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