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Grey screen

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9 hours ago, A-Jey said:

Please hold yourself a bit back about judging on people.

For me it don't seem oxygen4004 does any kind of hate speech or  shit storming.
He has issues and it should be allowed to post them here and ask for help.

What shall he post if it's not running?
I am sure once he got everything sorted out he will also have positive stuff to write.

Also just saying...

Ya, you feel free to help him (or her).  I guess I'm too much of a cranky old fart to put up with poorly defined problems, or guys shooting from the hip, lol!

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My gpu is a 1660...but maybe you're right...

I think I'm gonna solve this issue of the grey screen of the death shortly

Keep you posted...tks for your help...family vive is a big family!

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