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Controlers not detected...

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On many games&apps (zero caliber, iron wolf, wardust, the Lab etc...) controlers are NOT detected, so no hand...how to play? With feet?! Hope an UPDATE soon

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Hey there @oxygen4004

Thank you for sharing. You are correct and it is because the bindings for the new Cosmos controller have not been mapped for those games. Our team is working with the developers of these games to address this and provide updates.

While this solution is not guaranteed (up to developers), the other option you can try is to use the custom bindings created by the Steam community (or even you). You can check if there any available:

SteamVR> Dashboard> Devices> Controller Settings> No Man's Sky> Community Bindings

We are currently working on a solution for the games that don't support Cosmos controllers. I will update you here when that is provided.

Let me know if you have any follow up questions. Thanks again for your support and patience!



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