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Vive hand tracking SDK setup

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I am using vive pro headset and I want to experience the vive hand tracking for the first time. I tried to follow the instructions mentioned in the website but its little complicated for me since I have no knowledge at all about Unity or Unreal or anything similar.  What is the easiest and effective way to try it. Is there any guide or videos that explaing everything?


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Hi @runout

Since you have no experience to either Unity or Unreal, I would suggest to start with Unity, with is easier to learn. Please follow the steps below (on Windows with Vive Pro plugged):

  1. Install Unity. You can install Unity Hub first, which is a Unity management tool, which can help you install Unity. You can follow the instructions in Unity Official Manual.
    1. When selecting Unity version to install, please scroll down and select the 2017.4.x (LTS) versions.
    2. When selecting modules, you can deselect all to reduce download size.
  2. Create a new Unity Project in Unity Hub. You can choose the 3D template.
  3. Follow the SDK document about SteamVR camera setup.
  4. In the created Unity Project, import Vive Hand Tracking SDK. Open menu Assets - Import Package - Custom Package ..., select Vive Hand Tracking Unity.unitypackage file.
  5. Modify project settings to support Vive Pro.
    1. Open menu Edit - Project Settings - Player, the player setting is shown in the Inspector window.
    2. Scroll down to XR Settings tab at the bottom, check Virtual Reality Supported, and make sure Virtual Reality SDKs contains only OpenVR. You can use the +/- button to add/remove other entries.
  6. Open our sample scene and run inside Unity Editor.
    1. In the project tab, open Assets/ViveHandTracking/Sample/Sample.unity scene.
    2. Press the play button on the toolbar at the top to run the scene.
    3. You can refer to Unity manual about Project Window, Open Scenes (at the bottom of the page), Toolbar & Play button.

Please let me know if you have any problems following these steps.

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Thank you so much

Finally I got the chance to try it although its not that perfect in terms of tracking and latency but its considered as a good start.

Can I use hand tracking in steamVR  or is there any game or app that supports vive hand tracking? 

thank you.


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