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HTC Vive Focus Plus screen projection on external device

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@Insightful Environments If I remember correctly the mirroring always shows only one of both eyes, as a view of both eyes at a time wouldn't help very much for a viewer in front of a flat 2d screen. But I'll need to check it with our devices (device is without charge atm -.- will take a few minutes though).

About your question about how to rectify the image.
The display is 1440x1600 per eye which is 0.9:1 making the output stream slightly narrower than it is high. Your screenshot looks like that to me.

If you mean to make it full screen on your display, I'm not sure you can do that. As mentioned above the ratio is given and you might be able to let your TV scale the input to the panel's full width, but what for as there would be any new visual information and the imagery will be distorted. This assumes that the Vive is putting our it's native resolution for one eye and does not try to box it into any more familiar aspect ratio (e.g. 16.9).


Perhaps you can clarify what you mean with "rectify" and what it is you are trying to achieve.

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 It bears repeating that the Focus and Focus Plus only work with the Miracast standard. I've successfully had these devices streaming to several Window 8.1 and Windows 10 computers and LG smart tvs. 

Here is a guide to projecting the Focus Plus to an external device via Miracast. Please note, that in recent ROM updates, you are no longer able to project the Focus Settings menu, so be sure to navigate to the Viveport Home screen or an app to test that Miracast is casting to your target device.

In my past experience, I've noticed that connecting to Windows 8.1 and 10 was very easy. However, to connect with the tvs I'd have to turn the Focus wifi off/on a couple times before a connection was firmly established. 


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@Tobias Thanks or a reply.

We're still very much unclear as to what the actual standard out put for HTC VIve Focus is by Casting, is it the two circular eyes or a flat image? I would have hoped that this would be a flat image if its to be viewed by others? 

I was also expecting a full 2D screen image too, otherwise why would you cast?

@Tony PH Lin @Cotta

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Hi all, this is a basic aspect ratio question - each eye does not get the standard TV/film aspect ratio. What you are seeing is a 1:1 crop of the original circle from one eye to get the most of the original content.

Are you asking to crop the top and bottom to better fit the TV aspect ratios e.g. 4:3 or 16:9 (and which would work for you)?

This is what you are seeing others doing btw.

@Insightful Environments

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Just a quck update on the casting issue. 

We are a development company in EU, primarily developing for Vive and Vive Focus+

the casting is still very unreliable and exact as mentioned above. 

The casting to MiraCast doesn't work on all devices and are very buggy.
I could cast to PC, Win10 the first 2 times and after a software update from VIVE the casting to PC wont work, and casting to anything else than Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter wont work. 

I am, while writing, sitting at my pc, with the Vive Focus+ headset next to me, on the same 5GhZ internet and can see the PC name in casting on HTC Vive Focus+ but when connecting it crasches and cannot connect.  So the statement that it works for Pc is not correct. It wokrks for Pc 20% of the time and for casting to a dongle 80% of the time. (Based on 1 year of daily usage with the Danish government, conferences, event and presentaitons)
It is very unreliable as we not have been to events and conferences with it all working and next day no casting, with same setup and not changes from prior day.

Please please please fix the casting, its a standard format as you mention yourself and should work 100% as in any other product on the market.

- Best VR Rehab 

@Tony PH Lin @Cotta @JustinVive

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@VRRehab I'd like to help you solve this issue with casting.  I'll give general guidance first and then have some specific questions for you below:

 You might have already seen this, but please take another look at this guide for projecting the Focus Plus to an external device via Miracast.   It is very important to note that 

VIVE Focus Plus only supports projecting to a 5GHz band Miracast device. To find out if your Miracast device supports the 5GHz band, look up your Miracast device's model on the manufacturer’s website or check its user guide.

     In good news, since you've had the casting working before, then it should work again. 

  Some questions:

1.) Do you see a popup on your external monitor asking for permission for the Focus or Focus Plus to connect? See - ConnectFocustoProjectPopup.jpg 

    2.) What is the behavior that you see on the external monitor after you click Connect (to external device) in the Focus Plus?  Do you see anything on the external monitor such as a blue screen that says Focus is About to Project (see image)? 

    3.) What is the brand and model name of the dongle or the wireless card of the target device (external monitor)? 






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