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Uploading binaries without going through the web console

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@Survios - Currently we can only accept builds via the developer console. Our content operations teams are currently building out enhanced functionality within the current devconsole submission workflow and we're evaluating how to add additional submission tools in the future. A CLI feature will require some refactors and rebuilds on both our backend as well as the SDK side - it's definitely a target but there's some initial groundwork that needs to occur before we can move towards CLI support.


If anybody else is reading this and wants CLI as well - feel free to voice your opinion on this thread for our operations team to see.

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@SinnStudio @Maze Theory @Survios Yes, there is now a CLI tool you can access via the dev console (Binary Build page). Here is the documentation: https://developer.viveport.com/documents/viveport-uploader-document.pdf

New CLI tool is available now!
Upload your build with the latest CLI tool - if you're using version lower than, please download the latest version to start uploading.
Upload builds faster via the Viveport Command Line Interface Tool which enables resumable uploads and supports faster upload speeds when compared to the browser interface.
For more information, refer to the Viveport CLI tool's documentation


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