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Environment Setup (Placing Object in Scene)

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hi there, i have scene with house model where i can walk around the house. the issue is that 

1. i m not feeling like walking around the house.

2. waveVR prefab is at position vector3.zero ( camera as the child)

3. the house model is at positoin 1.6 in y direction (i tried changing the y value lower and higher but did not worked for me). i want to know at what exactly the house model should be??

4. is there any standards for positioning the house model so that it feels like we are in real environment??

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I'd encourage experienced developers to share your ideas about this scene design and fine tune topic. Practical experience would be much more helpful than what we can comment from Wave SDK perspective.

In Focus/Focus Plus the camera is set as 1.75m higher than WaveVR prefab. You didn't mention about the origin point of your house model. We don't know it's at the center or bottom of the model. Placing it at y=0 means 1.75m lower than the camera.

One more comment is that you may try GetComponent<Renderer>().bounds.size as a reference where to place the model. (Or GetComponent<Collider>().bounds.size for physics objects)

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