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HDCP Error

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I got SteamVR HDCP after turn on the stamvr.

and got situation like the following post


i tried what he has tried. and I can't install that driver version.

i have 2 vive pro and 1vive. pros are new. each cable are switched and tried.

here is link to my steam report. plz help~Thanks


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I'm sorry to hear about the errors you are getting.  Can you tell me more about the machine you are running? It sounds like you tried rolling back your GPU driver base on the thread you linked however in your system report it still shows 430.xx driver can you confirm?  Thanks!

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I use the MSI GP63 Leopard 8RF

I have try the vivecheck. It's say the processor is powerless for VR. It's I7-8750H  but in 2.2GHZ .

I checked the resource manager. the CPU clock can up to 3.8GHZ. 

Is vivecheck detect the default clock not the true using clock?

but steamvr performance test shows it a best level device for VR.

 I also  tried using GP62 7RF with same vive pro set and it's work correctly.

(vivecheck show no warning.and CPU clock is2.8GHZ)

I forget to mention that  I use MiniDP to DP adapter.

I first doubt may the port adapter causing the problem. but after running correctly in GP62 shows that. cables are fine.

the GPU driver of 2 version I both tried get same result. both shows the HDCP error few seconds after rebooted HMD.


thanks for your help

Sorry for the photos instead of the screenshots.

GP62_performance test.jpg


GP63_performance test.jpg


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After tried anything. I decide to recovery my laptop. and it's work!.....

I cancel all the update about windows and GPU drivers.

maybe the drivers are the reason.

thanks for help anyway.

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