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Difference between Kiosk mode and Private Content Management

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What's the main difference between Kiosk mode on the Vive Focus Plus and Vive enterprise private content management from Vive STARTER. 

I'm having some people use a Vive Focus Plus and I only want them to run one program. I know I can use Kiosk mode but can I do that with STARTER?

Thanks in advance.

@Tony PH Lin @Cotta @JustinVive

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Hi @NPace17 , Ken from VIVE Enterprise team!

The function and positioning are different between Kiosk Mode and VIVE Enterprise Content platform.

Kiosk Mode: Restrict HMD user to selected content on HMD.

Enterprise Content Platform: Company can upload content to cloud and assign to user, and user can login Focus/Focus Plus and download assigned content from cloud. (don't need to installed through cable/SD card)

Therefore, for your use case, it would be more efficient to use both!  You can upload the content on VIVE Enterprise Content platform and login on the HMD to download the content and setup the Kiosk mode after.

Please refer to the how-to article and user manual here https://service.viveport.com/hc/en-us/articles/360027716511-Enterprise-Content-Platform-User-Manual (It covers how to use content platform, download content on HMD and start Kiosk mode)

Thank you!



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